07 Dec 2011 Christmas Traditions
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This is the time of the year when we are looking at our families Christmas Traditions. It is the time when some of us are going to make sure we keep the Christmas tradions of the past or start new one’s. This time of year is one that draw people together. With memories of our youth, family, loved ones that are no longer with with us and new one’s that are.  I feel bad that some traditions are carried out with more of a check list or things to do type of attitude.  Recently I took my family to go and see a Christmas light show.  This the same light show that I have seen almost every year since I was a child.  We got all bundled up, drove to the light show, walked around, saw the same  lights that I saw as a child.  It took about 25 minutes and then we were back in the car.  And, it felt good… because I could cross it off my list of things to do for the holiday season.  On the drive home it made me feel a little disappointed that I had viewed a fun holiday tradition as just another thing on my to do list.

So, now I decided we wont do the exact same things every year.  This year I want to mix it up!  I determined instead of seeing the same  zoo lights show we will take the kids on a fun train ride to the Polar Express.  And, along with the same cut out and frosted sugar cookies we will try some Apfel Streudal.  Not, that I’ve made Strudeal before but that its a fun tradional holiday treat and part of the holiday spirit it to enjoy things that are tradional not just for you and yours.  But, I have to admit the fruit cake may still be a thing I’m not quite ready to try this year!

No matter what traditons you may try this year.  No matter what weather and shopping the season brings you.  I hope that you and your loved ones remember this holiday.  Because this time, this holiday it will never come back but, you can always try and make it special and remembered.

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