25 Jan 2012 Finding our way to the perfect homemade red pasta sauce!
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This is our journey to creating the perfect pasta sauce.  This may not seem like a big deal to many… I know, open the jar and dump it over pasta.  But, we want more!  More fresh ingrediants.  More flavor(not artificial).  Less preservatives!  More spices and heartyness.  No really… we just plain want to be able to say we can make it.  Coming up on on Vlog series Leann and I will be making 2 different versions of a homemade pasta sauce.  We will explore the different recipies and versions of pasta sauce and find the perfect version.

One way we have researched recipies is by using youtube.  There are a lot of different ideas and ways to cook pasta sauce out there and a lot of demonstrations!  Which we need!  Since neither one of us has made pasta sauce from scratch before we are both excited and reluctant.  We both love pasta and know that the homemade versions should taste better… so hopefully they do!  I saw some versions include a stop top method, and some by crockpot.  Some add seafood and others ground beef.  some people prefer cann tomatoes to fresh ones.  and some use canned spices as opposed to fresh ones!


Fun Fact!  Red pasta sauce in Milan, Italy is more like olive oil with minced tomato pieces in it!


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