27 Mar 2014 The Jean Jacket- To trend or Not to trend
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The Jean Jacket

Recently I was power shopping before a meeting at whichever store I could find in the new strip mall. Power Shopping- meaning going in and grabbing whatever items I liked, looked new and trendy, different styles, colors in about my size… without trying any of it on! I know, it’s a return nightmare waiting to happen but it really also gives me the sense of freedom from being negative about how I look in those dressing rooms where the experiences usually have a downhill effect after trying on one thing after another with only myself to critique. This is better than online shopping where you order something and have no idea if the size is even remotely close or the fabric is 100% cotton and sure to shrink to infant size after one washing. Whilst I was on this amazing power shop which consisted of 15 minutes total, I came across the jean jacket… and I mean a cropped, stonewashed real jean jacket. Now, I know it is the new trend but for some of us 30 year old’s we work to pull off trendy and cute…. without the side effect of, “I’m trying to hard look.” I slipped it on- forgoing the dressing room of course and it fit… no idea whatsoever of how I looked but fitting is half the battle. I picked up the dress that the size 0 mannequin had on display that looked so cute under that same jean jacket and gave it a go.

Well, after a few long meetings I got home and tried it all on… Feeling fabulously chic in my new jean jacket ensemble I did my feminine and, “I look oh so pretty don’t I?” strut around my house… with only having been blessed miniature He-man’s, they did not give me a first let alone second look. But, when my husband came in he certainly did a double take… but not the kind I was expecting. He inspected the outfit and said in his questioning voice..”bringing back the jean jacket, huh?” Well, either I was indeed, single handedly bring back the jean jacket(which I thought couldn’t be true…although there were many,many…maybe too many jean jackets to choose from at the store) or, he was just getting old( being her is 1 month older than I) and didn’t know what was trendy!

Either way, I’d have to say the jean jacket is a leap of faith that some trends are indeed timeless. Or, that it is good to just sometimes put yourself out there with a trend. Take a picture, and re-live the mistake or cute signs of the time… when we look back through the digital pictures. 🙂

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