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01 Feb 2012 Soda Stream Soda Maker Kitchen Gadget Review
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Here it is!  Tha Soda Stream Maker!  It is one of the top selling kitchen gadgets of the year!  It is so fun!  Watch us as we demo this kitchen Gadget!

25 Jan 2012 Pampered Chef Ice Cream Dipper
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Here is the Pampered Chef Little Ice Cream Dipper!  We love this Ice cream scoop!  The unique thing about it is that it has a liquid core that helps to keep the scoop warm while you are holding it.  Helping you to scoop your ice cream!  It is also a very hardy scoop that will not bend.  This scoop creates the perfect Ice cream scoops!


14 Dec 2011 Pampered Chef Egg Separator
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Here is our demonstration of the Pampered Chef Egg Separator.  This is one kitchen gadget that we use and we love.  The great thing about this is that it makes seperating eggs so easy!  It is very afforadable, dishwasher safe and can be used to wisk the eggs right up.  This gadget is very useful in the kitchen.  It’s great to ensure that you dont get egg shells in your egg whites.  Egg whites alone offer a lot of protein and no fat.   Plus, when baking the perfect meringue pie alot of egg whites are required.


07 Dec 2011 Pampered Chef Ultimate Mandoline Kitchen Gadget Review

We reviewed one of our favorite kitchen gadgets – Pampered Chef’s Ultimate Mandoline. We had a great time filming this review and we love this mandoline. The biggest plus to buying the Pampered Chef Ultimate Mandoline is the built in safety guards and the biggest downside is that there is only a small opening, the size of a medium potato to slice. If you are looking to slice something big, you will have to cut it into smaller pieces to fit it into the hole. Let us know if there are any gadgets that you would like to see on My Mom’s Kitchen Gadget Reviews. Enjoy the video!

17 Dec 2010 Kitchen Gadget: The Pampered Chef Food Chopper
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This is a new series we are starting called My Mom’s Kitchen Gadget Review.  Our first gadget we review is the Pampered Chef Food Chopper.  I must say that this gadget is useful and easy to use….but will it make the grade?  Watch our video to see…